We provide a wide range of commercial and residential concrete services.

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Concrete Construction

C.A.S.E. Construction, Inc. is a full services concrete contractor. We provide clients with pre-construction and construction services and aim to tailor our project delivery in a fashion that meets the needs and requirements of our clients.

The history and culture of our company is to adopt the goals of our clients. This enables us to help plan and construct each project in a way that suits their specific needs. This belief has engendered a management style that integrates client focus, innovative thinking, teamwork and leadership to deliver better projects for our clients.

  • Foundations & Slabs
  • Sidewalks & ADA ramps
  • Stoops
  • Truck Docks
  • Drainage structures
  • Approaches
  • Curbs
  • Parking Lots
  • Roadways
  • Decorative concrete

Concrete Contractor Services

Choose C.A.S.E. Construction as your concrete contractor for your next time-sensitive shutdown or expansion project. Through our highly qualified team, turnkey approach, and flexibility, we exceed our industrial client’s expectations year after year. Let us bring that same expertise to you. Whether a drainage problem or a new parking lot, a specialized equipment foundation, or an engineered concrete slab, C.A.S.E. Construction partners with you to successfully complete your time-sensitive shutdowns and expansion projects

  • Shutdown Services
  • Machine Foundations
  • Concrete Floor Repair
  • Utilities/Storm Water
  • Renovations/Reconfigurations
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Pits & Trenches
  • Concrete Paving & Walls
  • Retention Ponds
  • Emergency Repairs



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